Akris Fall Winter 2020

Akris Fall Winter 2020

Die Inspiration für diese Kollektion entspringt der «schlichten Eleganz der Gebäude von Robert Mallet-Stevens, welche die Moderne durch eine poetische Sinnlichkeit definierten». Geometrische Formen und starke Farbkontraste sind ein Hauptelement der Herbst Winter Kollektion, in Albert Kriemlers vierzigstem Jahr als kreativer Kopf von Akris.

Albert Kriemler über seine Designs: “First of all, they have to be comfortable, it’s a very basic phrase, I know. But I think when a woman is at ease in her clothes, she can really be her own person. I think a woman of purpose doesn’t want to have complicated clothes.”

Einige Zitate aus der Presse: “Drawing in his silhouettes for fall, Albert Kriemler churned out a sensual lineup with an arty veneer but also made room for softness, thanks to a healthy helping of velvet, cashmere and shearling.”

“Sumptuous cashmere pullovers, either paired with a cashmere patch-pocket cape or a wool double-face, single-breasted coat, swaddled and caressed the wearer. They were an elegant, high-fashion version of comfort food”

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